Tomoe Nakahara – Review

Tomoe Nakahara ~Invitation~ 1/7 Scale Figure
Price: 16,000 Yen (incld. Tax)
Manufacturer: Native
Release Date: Late September 2015

This review has some very mild NSFW pictures.
Tomoe has the honor of being my first Native figure. To be honest, I really like the creativity and high quality of Native figures. However, most of the poses are too lewd for me (as expected of cast off figures). When I first glimpsed Tomoe, I was blown away by how beautiful she was! I adore figures with Japanese kimonos and she was relatively SFW to display unless you get really close to her. She was designed by the famous illustrator Tony Taka and is classified for 18+ and up.

Luckily, I found out I could order directly from Native’s website. That flat 2000 JPY EMS fee really helped as I saw some horror stories where people had to pay 5000 JPY ($35) just to ship her from other locations.
Overall, Tomoe is a beautiful figure. Everything from her bench to her kimono and umbrella come together nicely. The big downside is that if you want to display her properly with her parasol she will literally take up half of a detolf shelf. Here’s my word of warning. Plan out the space you plan to put her before you start assembling her parasol. It took me about an hour to assemble and afterwards I decided not to display her with it.
Box – 10

Tomoe comes in a windowless box. There are gold leaf patterns stamped around the box which gives it a very fall feel. I love how it looks like a giftbox to mooncake or something exquisite. The top of the box open up like a flap but does not come completely off.
Inside Tomoe’s package comes in several pieces: the figure itself, the umbrella skeleton, the washi paper, doubled sided tape, and the red cloth she can sit on as well as instructions in both Japanese and English (THANK YOU NATIVE)!

IMG_5130 IMG_5131 IMG_5132 IMG_5133 IMG_5134

Sculpt – 9
Tomoe looks very similar to the prototype with one small difference. Her face looks more angular vs. the rounder face of the prototype. She still has a very nice face though and this doesn’t bother me.



Her kimono is very well defined and separated in layers. You can see the scalloped edges on her bow and the two layers on her bow.

From the side, Native has also sculpted realistic looking wrinkles in her kimono.

Tomoe’s hair has one big clump and then individual strands fanning out over her arms. I think Native could have sculpted her hair a little better but since she’s best viewed from the front to side it doesn’t bother me as much.

IMG_5240 IMG_5241
A shot of Tomoe’s hairbow. The ribbon of the hair bow has two layers which was a nice touch.

What does bother me are small areas that Native skimped on. The flower on Tomoe’s flip flops looks like a blob. At least her toes are painted.

Tomoe’s sake cup is poorly done. The liquid inside has weird bubbles. There have also been people complaining that their cups broke off her fingers during shipment. Luckily, that was not the case with mine but I felt Native could have paid more attention to details.
Painting – 10
The painting on Tomoe is superb . I love the blending of colors on her kimono that transitions from a red leaf pink to a peach. You can see hints of pink on her yellow kimono bow. There’s also a nice pattern of shamrocks on her bow.



Even if these are decals, the painting is really top notch. Even Tomoe’s obi has a beautiful flower design and the gold is a really rich color.



Native did a good job with the painting on Tomoe’s hair. It has a very natural mix of dark brown and chestnut that gives the illusion of highlights.
Posing – 8

Tomoe has a rather subtle pose (my cat thinks so too). Her pose reminds me of someone sitting on a park bench enjoying a crisp fall day. In one hand, she carries a little sake while showing some leg. I like the pose and it fits Tomoe’s character but in the end it’s not anything exciting.
Base – 9

The bench and cloth adds a nice touch to this figure. It gives the character a sense of elegance. The base is actually made of 3 pieces. The bench which has wood whorls carved into it, a white piece of “cloth” and a red piece of cloth. The white piece of cloth serves as a separator between Tomoe and the bench to prevent any paint transfer. Tomoe’s butt magnetizes to the bench and she is extremely STURDY. I am thankful for Native doing this since she’s top heavy and can tip over easily. The red cloth is just that a piece of thin cloth like you’d use to clean your glasses. It took me about 5 minutes to pose it properly on the bench. I still couldn’t make it look like the prototype which docks the base a point.
Assembly – 7
I’ve added a new category since Tomoe’s umbrella does not comes unassembled. WHY NATIVE WHY? Assembling her large parasol was NOT easy especially when you’re trying to be careful. Her umbrella assembly is only second to my assembly hell that was Alter’s Houmei. Yes, you can read the instructions but I am going to provide some tips I learned along the way. The umbrella has five pieces: the skeleton, the red washi paper (umbrella skin), double sided table, pole, and the finnel (top part of the umbrella).
Native was generous enough to provide EXTRA red washi umbrella paper in case you mess up. There was also extra double sided tape which I definitely needed. Remove the finnel (top part of the umbrella first).

Start with the washi paper folded out. I put on the long sided tape along the edge as the instructions designated. One thing to keep in mind is you need to peel the sheet to reveal the stickiness. It can be hard to see and get your fingers under if you have short nails. DISCARD your non-sticky tape parts into a pile so you don’t get confused.

This picture is to demonstrate that the doublesided tape is actually quite transparent (see far right). I left the top part of the tape on so it wouldn’t get stuck to anything and keep the tape sticky as I was applying the short sided the tape to each individual umbrella spoke. THERE ARE 17 SPOKES. This in my opinion was the most time consuming and annoying part since the tape was hard to separate into pieces.

Finished application of the short sided tape. Note, after you peel away the top layer you may have some tape that got scrunched up. I scratched these pieces off and reapplied fresh tape.

Next carefully press the washi paper down onto each spoke. Native recommends going clockwise. I pressed down on each and smoothed it down to the ends. I didn’t worry about aligning the center hole until I had each spoke covered.

Here is the inside of the umbrella all assembled.

Here is the front part. You can see even though I was careful, the umbrella still looks a bit wrinkly. Luckily, you won’t see the wrinkles when you display the parasol.

Fully assembled umbrella. Wa la! Have a beach party. I hate you Native thank you for sucking dry an hour of my life.
Enjoyment – 9

IMG_5253 IMG_5255 IMG_5258 IMG_5259
Last shots of Tomoe fully assembled. She looks truly impressive with the giant umbrella. Like I said before, she is a space hog so make sure you have enough room to display her in all her glory. Despite all the pain of assembling the umbrella I felt like she was worth the money I paid for her. Large, detailed and with a certain amount of elegance, she’ll have a spot of honor in my detolf for a long time.