Saber 10th Royal Dress Ver. Figure Review

Saber 10th Royal Dress Version 
Manufacturer: Aniplex/Stronger
Scale: 1/7
Price: 14,040 JPY

As soon as I saw Saber Royal Dress Version painted I knew she was an instant pre-order for me. I love bride figures in general and really like how she turned out. Fast forward nearly 6 months later and Saber finally shows up! Let’s see if she was worth the money.

Box – 10/10
I drooled when I opened the TOM box Saber was shipped in. Her box is one of the most beautiful boxes I’ve ever seen. The gold leafing reminds me of a wedding invite. The clear front panel gives us a view inside. I seriously considered leaving her in the box for a while!




Sculpting – 9/10
Saber is a cast off type figure. When you open her box, you need to put her skirt on which takes a bit of effort.  You can see her in her “wedding night” lingere in the photos below. It was interesting they gave her this option but of course I prefer her in her gown.

IMG_5480 IMG_5481

Saber’s sculpt is quite simple. The folds in her dress look very natural. The “princess” cushions of her dress also look really nice. They put quite a lot of detail into the gown itself!


Painting – 8/10
The shading on Saber’s dress transitions from a cream off white to a slight pink tone. There’s no sloppy lines  anywhere on her hair, face or dress.

IMG_5497  IMG_5494



My only gripe is her veil. The translucent part looks wonderful but the way they printed on the “lace” detail looks a bit blurry.




Pose – 7/10
I have to admit, I find Saber’s pose pretty boring. She’s just standing there as if she’s waiting at the altar. My wedding Azusa and Kirino come to mind where they have much more action oriented poses.

Base & Accessories – 7/10
I forgot to take a picture of Saber’s base but you can see it in the lingerie photos. The base is just a simple circle with a marbling effect. Pretty boring and once you put her on with her dress you can barely see it.


Saber comes with a optional veil and bouquet of “something blue” flowers. I’ve already griped at the veil above. The flowers have sufficient detail and an nice matching of colors. The holder is a bit translucent and they fit well into Saber’s hand.

Enjoyment – 8/10
Overall, I’m happy to have Saber in my collection. She’ a nice addition to my bride figures but a little underwhelming after I compare her to the others. See some shots below of all my bridal collection – Azusa, Boa, and Kirino! Unfortunately, her price is hitting about $200 now in the aftermarket and she is not a light figure to ship either. However, some of the local US Stores should carry her for about $120 shipped as of this writing.