Custom Wedding Gowns for Momo and Haruna

Recently, I received Max Factory’s excellent 1/6 Scale Haruna Sarenji from To Love-Ru Darkness. I love the photos I saw online of her and bought her at a great price. She made a perfect pair with my stunning Momo Figure. A while ago, on MFC, I saw a photo where someone had added a skirt to these figures to make them look more like wedding dresses and less like lingerie. I fell in love with the idea and decided to do my own version.

Here’s a shot of the original figures:


Inspiration photo!


In retrospect, this actually took a lot longer than I anticipated. Buying the materials was fairly easy. I’m lucky I had craft stores and dollar stores nearby. I was able to find a roll of tulle (the veil like fabric) and a child’s size blue tulle tutu for material. I bought some 1/8” elastic and some fastener snaps from my local craft store.

Then came the fun part of making the skirts which involved measuring the elastic around Haruna’s waist. I used a body spray bottle to hold the elastic while I tied cut strips of Tulle onto the loop. This took a long time as I had to arrange them properly. Then came the dilemma of Haruna’s hand. In the original figure, she has one finger hooked into her underwear which posed a problem for the skirt. I was able to solve this by, cutting the circle of tulle in one place and sewing a fastener on each end (I have horrible sewing skills) so it would button on like a real skirt. Luckily, Momo’s skirt was much easier to make as I just had to tie the tulle on the circle.

Pictures below! Enjoy!

IMG_5986 IMG_5981 IMG_5989 IMG_5988 IMG_5990 IMG_5992IMG_5996 IMG_5994 IMG_6005 IMG_6011 IMG_6012IMG_6003